Use Stores4Stores to Personalize The On-Line Retail Experience with Blogs and Special Store Offerings

As an integrated SaaS based website specific to a retail store, Stores4Stores easily fits into a brand’s corporate website. In the first of three posts touring Stores4Stores features, we saw how the look and feel of a corporate website could be mirrored in the local retail store’s website to provide features such as store location, contact information, and shopping links. In the second of three posts touring Stores4Stores, we saw how the simple “store locator” page could be personalized and localized to highlight the individuals who work in the store, and create a connection between the prospective shopper and the members of the retail staff.

Images and content which may be unique to the local store are the final portion of this third and final Stores4Stores page tour.  To see the entire Stores4Stores web page, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Demonstrating The Depth of Employee And In-Store Expertise

S4S Upcoming EventsEmployee expertise and store offerings are  highlighted through the final two elements on the page, the archived blog information in the lower left side of the page, and the local store information in the center of the page. The blog and the store information work together to complete a picture about the knowledge, interests, and individuality about the particular store and its in-store experts.

Events calendar for your local store’s website

In the Upcoming Events section on the left side of the screen, any events on the store’s calendar are highlighted. Note the opportunity to promote the event with a photo or video.

Remember that all graphical uploads must first be approved by a manager or administrator before they are made live on the individual store’s website. Managers can empower and trust their retail staff with the option of updating and personalizing various elements of their store’s website, but updates must always be checked and confirmed.

Blogging tool for retail associates

A store-level blogging tool works in the same manner as the images. The Blog Archives sits below the Upcoming Events section on the left of the screen. As with in-store expert biographies, employees can demonstrate their interests and expertise in a spiderable log.

The inclusion of photos and videos in these blogs are supported. Authenticated visitors are encouraged to comment.

Individual store profiles

At the bottom of the Stores4Store page is the Store profile. It is another way for customers to view the content rich, search engine friendly content that staff and corporate place on the site. This information should be enlightening and enriching for the visitor, who, as we discussed in the second post of this series, should see the retail staff’s expertise on display.

This is the third post of a three-part series. To view the first post, click here. To view the second part, click here.

S4S Bottom Nav

Thank you for reading this series of posts touring the Stores4Stores local retail website tool. A quick way to see all of this technology in action, even more features, and peer behind the scenes at the administration functions, is to contact Climb Technology via the web, e-mail, or phone. We’re happy to provide a demonstration of how Stores4Stores will fit into your on-line initiatives.


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