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Quickly build a highly effective microsite for each of your locations or departments.

Improve SEO and increase web traffic by harnessing local search.

Increase customer traffic both online and in-store.

Localize your corporate brand.

Highlight store specific information such as employee experts, events, and special promotions.

Attract online shoppers to the local store.

Quickly build microsites

Because microsites are more focused, they deliver higher conversion rates than a company’s general web site. Unlike creating multiple one-off sites, the Stores4Stores turnkey sites uphold your corporate brand while being customized for each individual store or department.

More and more consumers start their research online, yet most prefer to buy from a local store. The local store is a showroom where products can be seen and held. The local store is convenient and offers the instant gratification of buying something now. Frequently, having a one-on-one conversation with a local employee can be critical to closing a sale.

S4S leverages the strengths of your local brick and mortar stores, including your retail space and employees with local knowledge and expertise. It connects online shoppers with individual stores or departments.

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