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Use email to connect customers with local employee experts.

Insert product information and estimates that tie directly to your e-commerce system.

Close sales directly within email through an embedded shopping cart.

Manage pricing and discounting globally while allowing local specials and monitored employee discretionary discounts.

Improve customer service and monitor communications.

Use email to improve customer relations and close more sales

Many consumers shop online, but prefer interacting with or getting more information from a respected, local resource to close a sale. Communicate&Convert facilitates this by connecting an online shopper to an employee expert via email.

Emails can start as either inbound or outbound messages. So a consumer can initiate contact with an associate through the company’s web site. Or, consumers can answer emails sent by employees.

Linking directly with online catalogs, emails are personalized and can include full product data, pricing and even customized estimates. The emails are tied directly to your ecommerce system and a consumer can easily make the sale through the pervasive shopping cart.

The system provides a more robust method to ensure quality rather than relying on individual email accounts. The threaded communications are visible to managers and can be handed off to other associates when appropriate.

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