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correspondence Threaded correspondence improves customer service. Both employees and customers can see the history.
catalog info Embed catalog information and full product data.
estimates Provide customized estimates directly within the email. Manage pricing and discounting globally allowing local specials and customizations.
shopping-cart Pervasive shopping cart found right within the email message.
customer service Manage customer service issues and ensure that messages are responded to timely and routed to the most appropriate associate.
routing Robust routing tool redirect questions to other associates who may be more qualified or available to answer a question or respond to an email.
performance Measure performance and track conversions by individual agents and teams using the dashboard. Allocate commissions based on individual or team sales.
templates Customizable templates efficiently answer questions, especially for inquiries about product delivery, quality, company policies, return procedures, etc.
metrics Advanced metrics and a threaded ticket system provides full visibility to your management to ensure quality and monitor timeliness.