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Sarah T.

Groomer, Dogs and Cats
With PetStore since 2006

Certified in: Dog grooming, Cat grooming, Grooming tools and accessories

Employee Bio

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Banjo, Sarah's Border Collie --
expertly groomed, of course

About Me

I have been proudly helping dog and cat owners groom and care for their pets for the last 6 years here at PetStore, Springfield. I have received many awards, nominations and recognition during my time with PetStore, including the "Best in Show" employee awards for outstanding service, two consecutive years, in 2011 and 2012.

In my spare time, I also work with a local animal shelter, helping them clean and groom dogs before adoption. There's a certain level of satifaction that comes from helping animals in need and the shelter allows me to care for animals that would otherwise not have the benefit of my sevices.

Along with the other groomers here at PetStore, we'll work with you and your animals to give you the best possible service. We really love the animals and this is a very rewarding career because of it.

I hope to see you and your dog or cat soon!

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